About Us

Fieldstown was named after the De La Field family and the farm has been in the present family since the 1700’s. The farm is located in North County Dublin, and is situated between Swords and Ashbourne. The Broadmeadow and Whitestown rivers flow through our fields, and are stocked with brown trout (not big enough to eat). The farm is beautifully populated with very old and new tree plantation including, oak, ash, beech etc., and we maintain a policy of continual replacement.

The farm through the decades has been put to a variety of uses, including growing of grain crops, peas, strawberries, root crops (such as potatoes). From 1940 to 1971, the farm was a dairy farm. Indeed, some of the old pastures have been in use for centuries and have not been disturbed and they continue to yield high fertility. The farm has always had some poultry giving free range eggs and chickens, and free range turkeys when they are in season. We currently have four farm enterprises: namely free range lamb, free range turkey, beef and tillage.

Horses have always had a place on Fieldstown Farm, and some famous names include ‘Golden Fleece’ and ‘Brave Edna’. The famous ‘Golden Fleece’ was bred on the farm and the present owner’s Grandfather was the first to pet ‘Golden Fleece’ on his birth. Golden Fleece went on to win both steeplechase and flat. In 1935, Mr. Tom Dreaper, jockey and horse trainer, rode Brave Edna to victory in the Prince of Wales Plate in Punchestown.

The farm is a bird sanctuary, and hosts many varieties of bird, e.g. partridge, pheasant, and the local hunt rides through the farm during their hunting season. Today, during the lambing season many families visit the farm to enjoy the fresh air, walks and animals.

Padraic and Brid now run Fieldstown and we are passionate about the quality of the food that we produce. In selling our lamb to you direct, we believe that eating lamb will now be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. You are more than welcome to come visit the farm.