Collie Pups Progress Report and more….

October 23, 2011 0 Comments

Well what a month!  The pups are growing well and three of the four will be going to new homes in the next couple of weeks. We got our winter wheat sown, Oakley variety, in good conditions and so another growing year starts.

Talking of starting again most of the ewes have gone to the rams now.  A ewe has a five month gestation period.  The ewes that are now with the rams will have their lambs in March,around St. Patricks day. No parades here so.

We also had a visit from the winners of a Bord Bia competition in Britain.  A very nice couple called Wendy Rice and her husband. Wendy has a blog and you can read about her visit to us and other places at  Link:  They have a great garden at home and love nice floury spuds so they must have good taste.

Our lambs are still available to order so if you are interested get the order in during November. The turkeys are doing well and are also available to order now. Give us a buzz on 086 2265242.

That all for now. Padraic