The Jigsaw Lamb

June 20, 2012 0 Comments

What a tremendous summer!!!! Grass is growing well though so we have to look on the good side. Mind you we got our silage done for the winter and it was quite good.

Some of the sheep were sheared, I think they are missing their wooly coats, we will have to shear the rest next week even though they are happy.

On the more unusual side we were at bloom and gave a talk on sheep farming.   Three groups of french farmers came to visit the farm. They were mostly tillage and wine men from the Toulouse area. They were interested in our wheat  yields which would be one and a half times more than what they get, something to do with the moisture here!  They gave us a very nice bottle of Armagnac  Brandy which they produce . Not our favourite drink but Im sure there will be many other takers.

Our first lamb went this week. I hope the customers were happy. Plenty more to go. We also cooked our first lamb chops and had it with mint jelly yum…