“Get in before the fox sees us”

November 27, 2013 0 Comments

Well it’s a great winter on the farm, with the weather being so good.  All the crops are sown, way ahead of this time last year.  The fields are dry and we have had no rain for almost a week now…. thats amazing.

It’s almost time for the ewes (hopefully they are all in lamb) to come in.  They have not been scanned yet to see what they are carrying.  They will be in warm sheds and their feed brought to them. What more could they ask for?  The calves have just come into the sheds for the winter too.

Mostly it’s turkey talk here.   They are out every day and enjoying the lovely winter days, but most importantly they have to be in before sunset, the fox is always a threat.  Our two dogs, Chips and Stripe are great sheepdogs, but they are also great turkey dogs, and they herd them in just like they do the sheep.

Cranberry sauce is another big item on the agenda.   This year the cranberries are great, firm and perfect.  Over 200 jars to be made, so a long way to go yet.

Talking turkey orders at the moment and will be taking last lamb orders for this year over next two weeks.

Best wishes from Fieldstown Farm.