Free-range Irish Lamb (half)


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The lamb comes in a box prepared by a professional butcher and meats are wrapped in sealed plastic. A half lamb is about 7-8 kg, and will require about 1.25 drawers in a standard upright freezer. A whole lamb can be shared between your friends, family, or neighbours. When ordering, you can choose how you want your portions prepared by the butcher.

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Fillet and shank, Butterfly, Whole leg


Breast included

Centre loin

Loin chops, approximately 8 (in bags of 4)


Rack of lamb, Cutlets/chops (in bags of 4)


Whole shoulder and gigot chops (in bags of 4), Shoulder boned & rolled, Shoulder cut into gigot chops (in bags of 4), Diced shoulder of lamb


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Yes, No

3 reviews for Free-range Irish Lamb (half)

  1. admin

    I have been getting my lamb from Brid and Padraic in Fieldstown Farm for a few years now and the quality and price are fantastic. Brid always pops in some fresh rosemary and mint jelly and some recipes. Sometimes I get the whole lamb and sometimes my neighbour and I share a lamb between us both. I love the way you can choose how your lamb is butchered, the cuts you prefer and if you want extra minced lamb for a particular dish. Each season brings a different flavour for the lamb. Spring tender and sweet, summer, full of robust flavour. You can have the lamb delivered but recently I like popping out to collect as you can see the farm and the animals themselves. Makes you feel like you really know where your food is coming from.
    – Blaithin, Donabate, Co. Dublin

  2. admin

    We have been buying lamb from Fieldstown Farm for a few years. We were amazed at the superior taste of the meat in comparison to supermarkets. You get great value for money and the freshest meat you could buy. It is a pleasure to deal with Padraic and Brid.
    – Cora, Co. Dublin

  3. admin

    I have been going to Fieldstown Farm now for several years-usually in May/June and again in September. Each visit is an event for us as “the visit” is as important as collecting the lamb. The lamb itself is of course superb – a really wonderful flavour and texture. Suffice it to say that I am very popular when lamb is on the menu. I really cannot buy lamb anywhere else – it really does not measure up. If that sounds like hyperbole so be it.
    – Jim, Navan

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