September 30, 2014 0 Comments

Autumn is always a lovely time of year on the farm and with the great weather all the farm work is going to plan.  Crops are harvested, fields reseeded, apples picked and blackberries in abundance, that’s if the birds didn’t get there first!

Our Aberdeen Angus (the girls in the picture) are almost at full weight and look great, we are happy with their progress.  You may be interested in getting your beef locally so keep an eye here…….

We can be sure it’s Autumn here when the turkeys arrive, they are here for a few weeks now.  Our big problem is ‘Mr Fox’ who managed to snatch 3 turkeys and not forgetting the 6 hens…… even though there were people around,  very clever!

You might like some of our Spring lamb,  it’s perfect right now especially with the apple and mint jelly all home grown.

Thanks to all our customers and we hope you enjoy  the lovely Autumn weather, it’s certainly going to make the winter seem short.

Keep tuned in for that Aberdeen Angus beef direct from us to you…..